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Forest Garden Ltd recognises that leadership of our industry carries a responsibility to the environment, and in particular responsibility to the world’s forests. Every product we sell and business operation we undertake has an impact on the environment. It is impossible to eliminate that impact but it is possible to reduce it by modifying the way the business is run.

The key environmental issues associated with Forest Garden’s activities are waste minimisation, the prevention of pollution, energy management, and the use of raw materials. Forest Garden complies with all current legislation and our working practices from harvesting to distribution are always conscious of the impact we have. We have a programme designed to minimise packaging waste that comes with our products, we recycle wherever possible and use our own timber waste for biomass fuel – providing energy back into the business. We plan our transport operation, loads and drops to ensure that we’re as efficient as possible getting our products delivered to stores and customers.

The management of the business acknowledge that to successfully operate this Environmental Policy, the entire workforce must be involved. We’re always looking for ways to improve we also monitor the environmental performance, health and safety standards and worker welfare issues of any suppliers we use. We will always take into consideration any effects we might have on the local community by behaving in a considerate and responsible manner.

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Our Timber Policy

The majority of the timber used in our products is cut in our own sawmill from trees which have been grown in UK forests. These woodlands come under the control of the Forestry Commission. This government agency has a statutory duty to ensure responsible management of existing woodland and must comply with sound environmental practice.

As a manufacturer of products using natural materials, Forest Garden Ltd is fully committed to using the timber it buys in a responsible and efficient way. We acknowledge that sustainability and the environment have emerged as key issues in the forestry industry.

Forest Garden is positioned to influence both supply and demand in the market, and thus contribute to the development of environmental solutions in the forestry sector. Forest Garden fully supports those responsible forest management practices that promote forest sustainability and result in long-term environmental, social and economic benefit.

We are able to demonstrate our commitment to responsible forestry through our certification to the FSC® Chain of Custody Certification. Forest Garden gives purchasing preference to certified forest products. We define certified forest products as those materials that originate in forests that have been independently audited and certified as well managed by a credible, independent third party.

Forest Garden will ensure that the supply of FSC® certified material is monitored and recorded, providing absolute traceability throughout the manufacturing process. We are committed to continuous improvement in the level of FSC® certified material sourced. Forest Garden also endeavours to wherever possible; source non-round wood materials from FSC® certified sources.

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Forest Garden does not procure material from controversial or illegal harvested sources, from areas where customary or civil rights are violated, from uncertified high conservation value/old growth forest, from forests being converted to plantations, or from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.