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Forest Sawmills

Part of the Forest Garden Group, Forest Sawmill based in Lockerbie is the UK’s largest purpose-built shed and fencing mill.

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The sawmill is located close to the UK’s main forestry plantations and enables us to quickly process harvested timber.  The sawmill produces the components needed to manufacture our products. It specialises in processing raw timber into fencing slats, timber boards used in sheds, battens, featheredge timber and fence posts.

Sawmills Production
Lockerbie Stock Yard

M&M Timber

A division of the Forest Garden Group, M&M Timber is the UK’s leading supplier of machine rounded timber products and a key supplier to the agricultural, utility, commercial, landscape and play sectors.

For more than 30 years, M&M Timber has designed, manufactured and distributed a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke machine round timber products from their 25-acre site at Clows Top in Worcestershire.

M&M Fencing Product
M&M Products

The range includes fencing timbers with a 15-year warranty for securing livestock fields and rail, road and solar installations.  Retaining timbers and sleepers are supplied for large scale landscaping projects and a comprehensive range of timber equipment is supplied to children’s play areas across the UK.  The Forest Garden Round Timber Gazebos and Forest Retreat Sheds are also hand made by M&M Timber prior to delivery and installation by the Forest Garden team.

A.W Jenkinson Forest Products

Forest Garden, M&M Timber and Forest Sawmills also benefit from our association with A.W Jenkinson Forest Products.  The company was formed in the mid-1960s by founder, Allan Jenkinson. The company and its associated businesses handle over 3 million tonnes of roundwood, chips, shavings, sawdust, bark, green waste and other timber co-products each year.

Of particular benefit to Forest Garden is the close ties this gives us with both Timber Harvesting and Forestry Transport.  Plantation forests and estate woodlands are managed crops, once processed, the harvested trees produce timber and wood fibre – this timber is used in many products, including the ones we produce for the garden, house construction timber frames and joists all the way through to cardboard boxes and newspapers.   Working closely with the harvesters mean we have access to the raw materials needed for our products.  The transport network provided by the group allows us to transport logs out of the forest to our sawmill, and the processed timber from our sawmill to our manufacturing site in Hartlebury. This association means we have an integrated supply chain all the way through from the forests to our factory, to our customer’s front door.

AW Jenkinson Forest