Forest Garden
Achieving a modern and contemporary look in your garden

25th March 2019

With memories of the glorious weather in last year’s summer still fresh in our minds we have a host of new ideas that will help you enjoy this coming sunshine bonanza.

Fully Assembled Forest Garden Decking Kit

From Decking and Fencing to large features, these can all help create a contemporary and modern feel to a garden, which will, in turn, establish form and structure. When designing a garden, these vital elements can make a huge difference to the overall look, as they act as the first stepping block needed to create a stunning focal point around which the planting and other features can be built. 

Starting with your boundaries, simply changing your fencing can create a dramatic effect to your garden and can change a space for the better.  There’s nothing worse than broken or mismatched panels. The 6ft Double Slatted Panel from Forest is a substantial and stylish panel which offers both a contemporary look and modern feel. Due to features on the panel, more privacy for you is possible, yet light and air flow is not compromised. It is also a perfect product to achieve those desired soft lines around your garden.

Raised Flower Beds
Forest Garden Trellis

If you have a larger space then think of partitioning areas of your garden – to begin your makeover, choosing a few of the Forest Heavy Duty Trellis’s, which stand 6ft tall and come in a variety of widths, is a good starting point. These Trellis’ provide a solid structure in which you can divide the space in your garden and section off areas in which you want to do more with. They also provide the perfect support needed for climbing plants, which can make a soft focal point.

If you want to achieve a level surface in the garden, then decking is a good option for this. It is a great way to create a designated area that is separate from the rest of the garden. To create a more modern feel to this area, you can use the Patio Deck Tile, which creates an illusion that the space is bigger than it is or install a ready-made area with plenty of space to relax and added height with a Patio Decking Kit with Pergola.

To ensure the attention is not solely on the decking, you can soften the edges with planters such as the Linear Planter or the softer Windsor Planter. Both come in square, long or tall styles meaning the possibilities are endless on how to style your decking.  The Windsor Planter Square Planters dotted in each of the corners would bring a different feel to the area. Whilst the Tall Windsor and Linear Planters can be used to create a partition, closing off the area.

Large Winsor Planters

To create a real statement, large structures such as Pavilions or Pergolas provide height and create a focal point in the garden. Forest’s Venetian Pavilion can create a very distinguished look but is also practical too. The Venetian roof will shelter you from any passing showers, yet it can allow light to shine below. Whether you use it as a social area or a dining area, it gives you the advantage of spending time outdoors and looks great when paired with rustic Sleeper Furniture.

Or if you want something more stylish and contemporary, the Dining Pergola makes the perfect focal point structure. The laddered side and roof panels add an extra dimension to the structure and are fantastic for training climbing plants and creating your own shade. Also, the modern design and strong lines create an eye-catching display which can be admired by friends and family.

With these elements in place, the garden of your dreams can be created and, as it changes through the seasons, you can rest well knowing its structure will remain solid.