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Our new range. Your new garden.

Overlap Dip Treated Shed

The Overlap Dip Treated Shed range offers great value options with dip treated, straight cut boards that overlap, to allow water to runoff. These fit perfectly well into any space and bring extra life to any garden.

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Overlap Pressure Treated Shed

The Overlap Pressure Treated Shed range offers new levels of practicality and great value. Made with pressure treated overlap boards, these sheds require less maintenance to extend good garden times for you and your family.

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Shiplap Dip Treated Shed

The Shiplap Dip Treated Shed range has a distinctive and traditional look with quality interlocking dip treated boards creating a strong, robust building. A quintessential way to enjoy your green and pleasant land.

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What makes a Better Shed?

Not just better, much better. More timber. Smart sized panels. Easy transport. Stronger build. Better protected. Longer lasting. And a joy to build, behold and enjoy. That is what better really means.


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Stronger construction

Reducing panel sizes adds in more timber and the framing around each increases overall strength. So each individual panel is stronger and also makes all the boards less likely to warp. Add in a solid timber board floor and you have better shed from the ground up.

Faster to Assemble

Smaller, smarter panels make for a quicker to build shed. They are easier to fit and work with. Plus they add more options to the design and placement of walls and windows. For our larger sheds, the addition of new metal roof truss brackets increases shed strength whilst making it easier to build big.

Easier to handle

Easy to transport. Easy to handle. Easy to enjoy. Our 50 years of making timber garden products for the UK means we know a thing or two about ease of construction. With this range we made it our business to look for new ways to make easy even easier.

Highly Adaptable

Available in a variety of styles, constructions and sizes, our Better Sheds all have a range of fantastic features that make for a better shed from the ground up.