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Can I work from my Shed?

20th April 2022

Hybrid working is the NEW normal with many businesses adopting this method as a direct result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has left many Brits scratching their heads as they try to set work-life boundaries within a shared traditional living/working space. As we look for solutions in these changing times, there’s a question on everyone’s lips – can I just work from my shed?

“More than 80% said their firms had adopted hybrid working” –

We offer a range of garden buildings to fit any budget and any garden size. It only takes a few simple steps to turn your Shed, Log Cabin or Summerhouse into a home from home office. Here are some things you may need to considering when thinking about working from a garden building.

  1. Think about insulation – where our Xtend range comes fully insulated there are some steps you can take to further keep your garden building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. From insulation boards, to mineral wool, to bubble wrap, DIY stores offer a range of insulation solutions suitable for garden buildings.

2. GO GREEN – Become more sustainable and self-sufficient by attaching solar panels to the roof of your garden buildings. Solar panels come in a range of shapes, sizes and strengths from one that can power your whole work station to ones that simply connect to a ceiling light.

3. Utilise your space – Whether you’re in the garden shed or summerhouse you can create a WFH environment alongside your day to day lifestyle. Why not have an office/bar or an office/workshop, personalize your space to make the perfect working from home environment.