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Caring for your plants as the GYO season continues

23rd June 2020

“Now is the time to really care for the fruits, vegetables and salad crops in your greenhouse and garden.”

This is the time of anticipation as hardly any of our GYO products, with the exception of lettuce and very early spring onions, are ready for harvesting – but it won’t be long. So now is the time to really care for the fruits, vegetables and salad crops in your greenhouse and garden.

They need checking for pest attack each day and appropriate action taken. This applies equally outside and in the greenhouse. Birds can be a nuisance and during the very dry weather black birds will turn over the soil in recently watered pots and containers, seeking out insects and other food sources.  Pigeons and if you are lucky enough to have them in your garden, pheasant, can be a nuisance attacking unprotected green plants so net them carefully.  Don’t let plants dry out, particularly tomatoes in the greenhouse. Everything needs feeding once a week with a proprietary feed.

Plants such as tomatoes, aubergines and peppers all have heavy fruits and need careful trying in to support canes. The ideal way is to tie the string to the cane and then tie a support around the plant. Don’t tie it tight across the stems as these will grow and do not tie the plant directly to the support. You must remove all the side shoots from the tomato plants as they will drain it of nutrients. Small shoots are easily broken off with the thumb and finger but if you have larger ones, nip them off at the base with secateurs or scissors. Use proprietary tomato food once a week as soon as the first yellow flowers appear and dilute it to the correct levels identified on the label.

If you have an asparagus bed, the plants will be sprouting lovely fern-like green foliage. This is useful for flower arranging but do not cut it down completely, let it die back naturally. Refresh the compost on the beds and you can even throw handfuls of sea-salt over the beds on rainy days.

Wherever you are gardening, the weeds will be growing strongly for the next couple of months and competing with you precious plants for moisture and nutrients. If it is wet and rain is forecast, it is best to hand weed and remove them, roots and all – they will compost down. If it’s dry and sunny, hoe them in the morning and they will dry out on die before sunset.

Runner beans should now be growing in the open and climbing up their supports. They are extremely thirsty plants so make sure they never dry out – it’s difficult to over-water them. Remember they twine up their supports in a clockwise direction and some of the more stubborn plants need a helping hand by tying them on loosely.

Finally, if you have a greenhouse, remember to leave a can of water in it overnight so that, in the morning, it is the correct temperature. Use rainwater if you can.

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