Forest Garden
Customer story: Painting slatted screens

8th April 2020

“It was actually much easier than I though to spray them and they looked fantastic when finished!”

We have loved slatted screen panels ever since we saw a picture of some on a Pinterest board many years ago. There really was no question about using this style of fencing along our garden and driveway, to create a secure boundary. As we have a lot of featherboard fencing around the garden perimeter, we decided to add a slatted style screen across this area to break up the expanse of closed fence and add a contemporary feel to our modern cottage garden. The slats allow light to pass through, and would still enable us to see through to the drive but provide enough privacy from passers-by.

We did a lot of research on slatted screens, and price points did vary by supplier. As this stretch of fence may be moved at some point in the future, we wanted a mid-price point screen that looked good, was within budget, and was also great quality. We came across the 1.8m single slatted screens from Forest Garden, who manufactures a range of wooden garden items and sheds. The Forest Garden panels are made with pressure treated timber that has a 15-year rot resistant guarantee. The slats are also smooth-planed rounded timber slats. This was important, as I didn’t want rough, unfinished slat edges. We noticed they also made a matching double-slatted 6ft garden gate. This was a bonus as we did need a gate to complete the project and thought we might have to make our own gate using the panels.

After chatting to Forest Garden direct by telephone and email, they provided more information about the products and also advised the best online retailers to order from. We went on to purchase them from a company called Buy Fencing Direct. The slatted screens were on offer at the time we ordered, and they also provided free delivery on orders over £100. We did have to wait a few weeks for the single slatted panels to come into stock, (as they had been so popular!) and they were waiting for a restock at the time we ordered them.

We received the delivery date notification direct from Buy Fencing Direct, and a few weeks after ordering, the delivery arrived as scheduled. The delivery came direct from Forest Garden, and the deliverymen were really friendly and helpful, and unloaded the panels and gate (in the pouring rain!) to where I had specified them to go. As soon as I saw the panels and gate, I was really happy with the quality. Our fencing contractors installed both the panels and gate for us. We used chunky timber fence posts to fix the screens onto, leaving the post showing in-between each screen to break it up. The contractors did a fantastic job of erecting the fence and were super impressed with the quality (they hadn’t used this brand before).

Overall, we were more than happy with the quality of the panels and gate. The plan was to spray the panels black, to match the existing fence. I did pre-spray the gate before fitting it, as I needed to spray inside of the gate to reach all the nooks and crannies. I found it was easier to lay this flat at a raised angle while I did it. When spraying the panels I used a downward angle with the fence sprayer to avoid spraying paint through the gaps. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be to spray them and they looked fantastic when finished!

I now can’t wait to start adding some feature lighting and planting in front of it.

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