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Garden Shade Ideas – Simple ways to add shade to your garden

15th August 2023

Even in a rainy country like the UK, it’s sensible to consider adding some shady patches to your garden for when we get the elusive sun. Although most of us enjoy being out in the sun – and sunbathing can boost our Vitamin D levels – it’s vital that we don’t burn.

So, creating shade where we can cool off and unwind is always a good idea. Shady places are perfect for relaxing in, for reading a book, resting, enjoying a meal, or working outdoors. So, how can you add some shade to your garden?

Garden shading ideas the natural way

Of course, if your garden is big enough, planting some trees is a wonderful, long-term solution. However, trees will take many years to grow, and you won’t benefit from their shade for quite some time, so you may have to think about an instant yet stylish solution, such as:

Pergolas create fabulous garden shade

A pergola might just be the answer you’re searching for, and at Forest Garden, we have many to choose from.

  • Our practical and versatile 2m square Modular Pergola comes with a roof, which immediately provides shade and shelter so you can enjoy your outdoor space fully. You may even want to select some side panels for extra protection and privacy.
  • If you have a larger garden or patio, our Dining Pergola is really eye-catching. This beautiful and elegant design allows you to create a room outside – the perfect space for outdoor dinner parties. The laddered side and roof panels make the pergola attractive and perfect for training climbing plants and creating shade.
  • Our robust Ultima Pergola comes in two different sizes and makes a striking addition to your garden. With plenty of head height, you could add some hanging plant pots or creepers to make a stunning and sweet-scented display. The Ultima Pergola is available with and without a canopy.

Choose a pergola with a canopy or create some dappled shade of your own with shrewd planting. A pergola is a great way to transform a garden or patio.

Relax in a shady spot beneath your very own Arbour 

There’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful than having a pretty arbour in your outdoor space. A garden arbour can be an intimate and cosy place where you’ll want to read a book, enjoy the scent of summer flowers, or enjoy a drink with a friend.

  • Our Lyon Arbour is made with an attractive trellis on the sides and back, and a pleasing roof. Again, this design is perfect for growing climbing plants such as jasmine, rose and clematis.
  • Our modern and sleek Firenze Corner Arbour is larger, but designed to fit into a quiet corner in your patio or garden. Combining slats and benches, this attractive arbour is both versatile and comfortable.
  • Alternatively, if you’d like to make a real statement in your garden, our solid timber Cadiz Arbour might be what you’re after. The side panels, made of trellis, give the arbour an airy and spacious feel. This is a lovely place to rest in the shade.

Create instant shade with a garden Gazebo

At Forest Garden, we’re proud of the beautiful gazebos we have to offer. You’ll enjoy being able to bring the indoors outside – and in style!

Offering lots of protection from the sun and rain, our Premium Hexagonal Garden Gazebo comes with a choice of roofs – from thatched, to cedar or timber. And coming in two sizes, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Arrange some outdoor sofas, cushions, rugs and plant pots inside, and you’ll have created the ideal place to entertain and relax.

Our larger Premium Oval Wooden Gazebo is a real signature piece. This breathtaking gazebo is perfect for larger gardens or work venues. It can be used as a wonderful outdoor office, a place to entertain, or somewhere tranquil to put your feet up after a long day. You may even want to do your yoga or Pilates here on a hot or rainy day!

Solutions for seeking shade

The great thing about all of our garden structures is that they add height and eye-catching design to your garden, creating an instant focal point. They’re the perfect place to grow some climbing plants and create an intimate atmosphere in your outdoor space that will last for years to come.

Who would have thought that shade could be so beautiful?