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Buying guide to Small Storage

Garden Stores come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Whilst we specialise in timber garden storage we have also introduced some plastic alternatives to our range. Garden Stores are ideal for making sure possessions are kept tidy and put away – keeping your garden clutter free.

Small garden stores can also make a practical alternative to a conventional shed; the bigger ones can store a large amount of garden equipment – including lawnmowers and barbeques. They’re also perfect for bike storage.  Bin Stores are great for keeping unsightly wheelie bins hidden and your garden looking smart. Smaller stores are ideal for items such as wellies, dog leads, umbrellas, tools and kids’ outdoor toys – all of those things that can easily start to clutter a home if left inside.

Here are some handy tips on everything you need to know when you’re shopping for a Small Garden Store.

Think about what you’re going to store and what you want to use it for. Is it for storing and organising smaller items like tools and children’s toys or do you need something larger for lawn mowers and bikes? If you want to store items like rakes and brooms then a Tall Garden Store will offer the best solution. If you want somewhere to store logs then it’s always better to buy a bespoke Log Store which has been designed to keep logs off the ground and allow air to circulate.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you look at the specification details – this will give you an idea of the size of the storage unit and also the capacity (normally in litres) that it can hold.  If you’re after a bike store check how many bikes the unit can hold.

Timber stores offer the widest choice – available in Overlap or Shiplap Tongue & Groove construction and either Dip or Pressure Treated, there’s sure to be something to suit your personal taste.  Timber units are attractive and have a more natural finish, designed to blend into your garden.  The units are robust and versatile and will protect your items from the elements.

Plastic stores are very quick to assemble and some don’t require any tools, a number of the models are multipurpose and can be used as a bench seat and some have the addition of pistons to keep the lid open.  These units are hardwearing and won’t have the natural variation and movement of timber units, they can offer more protection to items such as garden cushions.

You may be faced with a choice of an Apex or a Pent unit. This actually refers to the style and shape of the roof. Once you understand these styles you can make a choice based on the shape of your garden and where you want to place the unit.

Apex Garden Stores

A Garden Store with an Apex roof means there is a ridge running along the depth of the unit with the roof sections slope upwards from either side. The Apex Garden Stores are finished with attractive barge boards.

Pent Garden Stores

A Pent Garden Store has a single sloping roof section.  The design of the Forest Garden Small Storage range means that the pent roof can be fixed either way – sloping down towards the back, or up from the front to the back, with either configuration allowing rainwater to run off. Pent units are also finished with attractive barge boards.

OverlapOverlap Construction ExampleOverlap Diagram

This traditional rustic style is created with overlapping boards to allow rainwater to run off. A square cut overlap timber board construction allows flexibility and movement of the timber. As temperature and humidity levels change from season to season the boards will shrink and expand.

Often the most cost-effective styles of wooden storage unit, it is reliable and long-lasting. Overlap boards do not form a closed seal so they are more prone to moisture and draughts. Forest Garden Overlap Small Storage units are made with 7mm thick boards.

ShiplapShiplap Shed ExampleShiplap Tongue Diagram

Designed to last and made of smooth-planed slow grown kiln dried timber. Shiplap Small Storage units use interlocking Tongue & Groove boards that feature a scalloped profile at the top of each board which gives a distinctive and traditional aesthetic. The tongue and grooves slot into each other to create a reliable weatherproof joint, less likely to bend and warp. Forest Garden Shiplap Storage units are made with 12mm thick boards.


There’s a variety of designs to choose from including wood effect and rattan. The units are weatherproof and UV resistant to protect from sun damage.

Plastic Garden Storage

Dip TreatedDip Treated Example Dip Treated Diagram Icon

The timber used in these Small Storage units is finished with a factory applied treatment which provides some initial protection against fungal decay. This is a dip treatment which means the timber has been immersed in the treatment solution – timber is dipped into a tank containing a preservative which is absorbed into its surface. The timber is removed and left to dry. 

A unit with this type of finish will need to be re-treated every year to protect the timber from rotting. Dip treated products normally have a golden brown/amber appearance when new, but this will fade over time. Forest Garden Dip Treated Small Storage units come with a 10-year Anti-Rot guarantee.


Pressure TreatedPressure Treated ExamplePressure Treated Diagram Icon

If you’re looking for a Garden Storage unit that requires less maintenance then Pressure Treated stores are a great option, there is no need for annual re-treatment. These units have the anti-rot solution forced into the cellular structure of the timber at high pressure to give them greater resistance to rot. Timber is loaded into a tank and a vacuum empties it of air. The tank is then flooded under pressure with preservative, the preservative is drawn deep into the timber before it is left to dry. 

Pressure Treated Storage Units have a more natural timber colouration and will blend into their surroundings. The treatment can leave a greenish tinge on the timber when new, this is normal and will grey over time.  Forest Garden Pressure Treated Small Storage units come with a 15-year Anti-Rot guarantee.


It’s always worth checking that you can lock your Garden Store. Not only do you want to keep your possessions safe but if you’re storing garden chemicals or weed killers, you’ll want them out of the way of children and pets.  Forest Timber Garden Stores come with a hasp and staple latch that can be fitted with a padlock, whilst plastic stores are also lockable.

  1. Select the size and shape that best suits your garden, think of its position and what you want to store in it.
  2. Always check the exact size and technical spec of a storage unit, especially if you’re buying online – check the height and width but also its storage capacity.
  3. When making your purchase, think long term. A cheaper unit might be tempting in the short run but you may end up needing to replace it sooner, so go for the best one you can afford.
  4. Pay attention to the construction and treatment on your Small Storage unit and understand if it means you’ll need to re-treat annually.
  5. Make sure that the unit comes with a guarantee.
  6. Before you start to build your Garden Store, make sure you have a firm and level base on which to place it.