Forest Garden

Log Cabins

Our Log Cabins are available for self-assembly or with our installation service, if you take our installation service the cabin will be delivered separately prior to our team of installers arriving and there’s some important base preparation work you’ll need to do in advance.  If you are considering self-assembly we have a range of installation video guides to give you an idea of what’s involved.

Log Cabin Base Preparation

The successful installation of your log cabin and indeed the longevity of your cabin will largely be dictated by the base on which the cabin sits. We recommend a firm, level base made of concrete or concrete slabs to support the weight of your cabin.  All of our log cabins have been manufactured with the use of cutting edge technology, utilising high precision engineering machinery to mill the timber.

The logs are designed to interlock perfectly to prevent water and wind ingress. Due to the way the logs are stacked on top of each other and interlock, there is little room for tolerance. The Log Cabin can cope perfectly well withstanding any vertical force, but will not cope trying to withstand lateral forces if the base isn’t level. With this in mind please take a look at our Log Cabin Base Preparation Guide which contains all the information you need.

Fully Assembled Garden Log Cabin

Log Cabin Delivery

If you have ordered a Log Cabin from us then you should know that our delivery service is a kerbside pallet drop delivery. We use a crane off-load heavy goods vehicle. Please take a look at our Log Cabin Delivery Guide which outlines everything you need to know in advance of your Log Cabin being delivered.

Log Cabin Delivery Truck

Our Log Cabin Installation Service

If you take out our installation service please note, we do not plan or start any cabin installations on the day of delivery: Assembly of our cabins normally commences within 1 to 5 days following delivery, however, installation lead times can be extended by up to 15 days following delivery during peak times (normally May, June & September).

The installation team will contact you by telephone prior to delivery to agree on exact installation date.  As we will be assembling the product for you it is essential that we are able to do this without delay or obstruction. Therefore, please ensure that your base is constructed. In preparation for our fitting team’s visit, we would ask that you ensure the following:

  • There are no obstacles that may hinder the installation such as garden vegetation, buildings, fish ponds or structures. Please make sure all vegetation is cut back prior to the installers arriving to allow the successful build of the cabin. Also please make sure the garden is free of any trip hazards such as children’s toys, tools, etc. Plus any pet waste has been cleared from the garden.
  • You have requested permission from your neighbours for our assembly team’s access if required.
  • There is suitable access to the installation site without having to enter your property. We are not insured to carry items through your property. If you do not have suitable access then you will have to arrange for the log cabin to be moved to the site of installation prior to the fitters arriving.
  • There are adequate parking facilities for the assembly team’s vehicle and any necessary parking permits have been secured.
  • There is access to power at the site (our installation teams carry extension cables).
  • There is someone at the property for the entire time of the installation. This is particularly important so the installers can check you’re happy with the siting of the cabin prior to the commencement of installation, and for the installers to familiarise you with the door and window opening and locking mechanisms.

Log Cabin Aftercare 

After your cabin has been installed there are a number of actions that need to be completed to ensure your cabin is rot proof, weatherproof and water tight. Carrying out these steps will ensure your log cabin is durable and long lasting.  You will need to:

  1. Treat the cabin against rot.
  2. Apply a weatherproofing finish to the cabin.
  3. Seal the doors and windows
  4. Familiarise yourself of how to adjust the doors.
Log Cabin Assembly

Please see our Log Cabin Aftercare Guide for the best way to accomplish these tasks.