Forest Garden

Round Timber Gazebos, Greenhouses & Forest Retreat Sheds

We know you can’t wait for your new Gazebo, Greenhouse or Retreat Shed but these products do have a slightly longer lead time as they’re hand built to order.  Round Timber Gazebos take between 4-6 weeks. Vale Greenhouses and Forest Retreat Sheds take between 3 and 4 weeks. We’ll keep in contact whilst your product is being made and this means you’ll have plenty of time to carry out the base preparation work.

Vale Greenhouses, Round Timber Gazebos and Forest Retreat Sheds are only available with our installation service, installation is included as part of the price for these buildings so you can rest assured you’ll get a high-quality building, expertly installed by one of our own fitting teams. Please familiarise yourself with our Preparation Guide for more information on how your product will be delivered and how to prepare a suitable base.

The Greenhouses and Forest Retreat Sheds will be delivered and installed in the same day by our team of fitters, whilst our Round Timber Gazebos and Glasshouse will be delivered separately prior to our team of fitters arriving.  

Vale Glasshouse

Before your product is installed you will need to prepare the base. The most suitable construction materials for the base of a new Round Timber Gazebo, Vale Greenhouse, Glasshouse or Forest Retreat Shed are concrete or concrete slabs. It’s really important that your base is level, an unlevel base means the structure walls will not sit square to the floor. Over time the structure will twist, causing gaps to appear in the sections and misalignment.

Our team will contact you by telephone prior to the delivery of your product to agree a date for installation. As we will be assembling the product for you it is essential that we are able to do this without delay or obstruction. Therefore, please ensure that your base is constructed. In preparation for our fitting team’s visit, we would ask that you ensure the following:

  • There are no obstacles that may hinder the installation such as garden vegetation, buildings, fish ponds or structures. Please make sure all vegetation is cut back prior to the installers arriving to allow the successful build. Also please make sure the garden is free of any trip hazards such as children’s toys, tools, etc. Plus any pet waste has been cleared from the garden.
  • You have requested permission from your neighbours for our assembly team’s access if required.
  • There is suitable access to the installation site without having to enter your property. We are not insured to carry items through your property. If you do not have suitable access then you will have to arrange for the log cabin to be moved to the site of installation prior to the fitters arriving.
  • There are adequate parking facilities for the assembly team’s vehicle and any necessary parking permits have been secured.
  • There is access to power at the site (our installation teams carry extension cables).
  • There is someone at the property for the entire time of the installation. This is particularly important so the installers can check you’re happy with the siting of the product prior to the commencement of installation, and for the installers to familiarise you with your new building.