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Self Building a Log Cabin

Building a Log Cabin is relatively straightforward for anyone with a good standard of DIY or building experience. In general, it does not require any special skills, but it will require a logical approach, a basic understanding of construction and will sometimes require some general carpentry. You’ll need the ability to read the instructions and understand the diagrams, componentry and orientations within them.

You’ll need a good set of DIY tools including power tools such as an electric drill driver, Stanley knife, pilot drill, planer, spirit level, white-faced rubber mallet, chalk line, hand saw etc, a wood adhesive may also be useful.  Screws, nails and other materials or tools for erecting and preserving the building are not supplied as part of the purchase. To carry out the build you will also need to use a ladder and will have to work at height. It’s a good idea to have a tarpaulin to cover the components once it’s been opened to protect it.

We recommend that building a Log Cabin is a 2-person project.

If you have any doubts as to your ability you should contact Forest Garden and arrange a professional team to assemble the building for you.

Do not attempt assembly of your building until you have checked the “component list” at the back of the drawings sheets to ensure all parts are present. You must notify our Technical Helpline of any missing or damaged components within 3 days of receipt of the building.  In the unlikely event of any problems, issues or for any questions, please contact our Technical Helpline on 0333 777 7089.

DIY tools
Log Cabin Wall

Siting Your Log Cabin

These buildings are non-permanent structures that are ‘free-standing’ and do not require foundations (but will require a concrete or slab base). This type of garden building does not normally require planning permission if installed at least 2 metres away from boundary fences and they do not exceed a maximum height of 4m.

The majority of our log cabins are less than 2.5 metres in height so will not normally require any planning permission, even if it is within 2 meters of your boundary with your neighbour.

However, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure any planning permissions are sought, if in any doubt please contact your local authority.

When deciding where to site the Log Cabin you should pay special attention to the possibility of surrounding raised ground draining onto the concrete/slab base, or under your Log Cabin.

Building the base correctly is extremely important – cutting corners on this part of the project will potentially make assembly difficult, and jeopardise the longevity of your log cabin.  When siting the base please allow for any roof overhang if siting your cabin near boundary fences. For more information on building your base please refer to the Log Cabin Base Preparation Guide

Please allow a distance of approximately 18 inches around the perimeter of the cabin to enable routine maintenance, including applying treatment to the cabin to be carried out.

Treating Your Cabin

Your cabin is supplied in an untreated form and it is the responsibility of the customer to suitably treat the cabin both internally with a suitable treatment and externally with both a preservative treatment and a weatherproofing finish. The protective treatments must be applied in advance of the windows and doors being sealed. This is because the sealant can repel the protective treatment when applied retrospectively, causing premature rotting around the windows and doors. see our Log Cabin Aftercare Guide for full details.

Sealant on log cabin windows

Build Instructions

Our Building a Log Cabin Guide and videos are generic and designed to covers all Log Cabins in principle in the range. They, therefore, must be used in conjunction with the drawings and instructions supplied for the specific model in question, which details the individual components of your Log Cabin building. These are to be found inside the main building pack. Should you require new drawings for your Log Cabin please contact our Technical Helpline 0333 777 7089 and they will be happy to provide you with a replacement set.

Further tips can be found in our Log Cabin Delivery and Base Build video, our Building the Log Cabin Roof video andour Building the Log Cabin to Roof Height video.

Additionally, please see our Installing and Adjusting Windows, Doors and Storm Braces video and our Installing a Log Cabin Floor video.

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