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How to Care for Garden Structures now that Winter is Coming

19th September 2018

Autumn is a good time to check timber sheds, fencing, decking and structures to make sure they are protected from the harsh weather conditions that the wintery months can throw at them. Here’s our guide to caring for garden structures ready for winter.

Protect decking with wood preserve

Check the condition of all your garden fences, including posts. Replace any damaged or weakened panels, posts and fixings. Sand off any old, flaking stain or dirt from dry panels and apply an annual coat of good quality wood preservative.

Decking will benefit from a clean and an application of preservative or wood stain, and decking oil and protector. This will help to prevent moisture damage and mould growth.


Check that climbing plants that are growing on trellis, such as clematis, roses and honeysuckle are properly supported and that ties are secure to protect against gales.

If roofing felt has been torn or damaged on garden buildings, replace and ensure it is fully secure. Give all glazing, oil hinges and window fixings a good clean.

If metalwork shows signs of rust, clean and apply a paint treatment specifically made for garden furniture. Check all fixings are tight and then your building will be ready to withstand the winter weather to come.OPAGSHD_12_Detail sm

Always choose a dry day to apply a preservative to ensure it has time to dry.


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