Forest Garden
Nourish the soul as well as the body with growing your own

5th May 2020

Successional sowing will ensure an excellent flow of delicious, fresh crops throughout the growing season.”

Gardening is good for you in every conceivable way. It keeps you mobile and active and being outside provides so many benefits for health and mental well-being. It is challenging, which is excellent for concentration and the net result, whether you are growing flowers and ornamentals or vegetables, fruit and salad crops, is healthy, enjoyable and good for you.

The explosion of interest in grow your own since the lock-down started has been a pleasant surprise to us here at Forest. Online sales of raised beds, greenhouses, planters and containers have rocketed as locked-down home-owners turn their attention to growing healthy food crops.

The easiest and fastest to grow is salads. Lettuce and radish plants are quick and simple to grow on a window sill or greenhouse. The whole range of edible crops can be grown or started under glass – tomatoes, aubergine, sweet and chilli peppers, leeks, spinach and all sort of cabbages and broccoli. The great advantage of raised bed gardening is that you have a controlled environment and the higher sides make access easier. It is also easier to cover if frost is forecast and to net over to stop birds stealing the crops and butterflies laying their eggs.

Grow your own provides you with crops with a guaranteed provenance and absolutely zero air-miles attached to them. Successional sowing will ensure an excellent flow of delicious, fresh crops throughout the growing season. If you have already got small plants or potted seedlings growing, mid to late May is the ideal time to plant them outside – even earlier in the south where the danger of late frosts is less likely. Tomatoes, cucumber, aubergines and peppers will all flourish in a greenhouse. Grow your own gardening nourishes the soul and mind as well as the body!

And grow your own gardening isn’t that difficult. Always buy good quality compost, water plants well before putting them in raised beds or greenhouses and keep them watered. Check regularly to make sure slugs, snails and other assailants are not attacking your precious crops. Feed them regularly with a proprietary soluble feed and wait for that magic moment when you harvest your first crops – and taste the difference.

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