Forest Garden

For the green-fingered, we have a range of accessories designed to help you in your garden.

Cold Frames are used as the stepping stone for young plants between growing in a greenhouse to be transferred outdoors: if a plant is moved straight outside into the cold it can stunt its growth, so a Cold Frame is a great way to ease it into life in outside.

If your plants need extra support, an Obelisk is perfect for edible or decorative climbing plants such as ivy, rose, beans or sweet peas. Choose from either our timber or Willow Obelisks, designed to blend seamlessly into your flower beds.

A Potting Table or Bench can be a useful addition to your garden, either used outside or in a shed. Designed to plant seeds or small plants, as well as keep pots and small tools accessible while you work.

Watch our Planting Accessories video for more information.


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