Forest Garden

Our Gate Fixing packs can be added to your order for Home Delivery when a Gate is purchased.

We offer 2 colours. Galvanised fixings have a traditional silver finish for long-lasting protection. They have been 100-hour salt spray tested and have twice the protection of standard gate fixings.  Premium black fixings are rust-resistant stainless steel with a supercharged Zinc coating. They have been 250-hour salt spray tested and have 5 times the protection of standard gate fixings

We offer 4 styles.  Both the Pad Bolt Set and Ring Latch set have 2 substantial hinges, designed to take the weight of the gate when affixed at the top and the bottom. The difference is the closing mechanism if you prefer a latch closure or a bolt.

Europa Gate Fixings are specially designed to work with our Europa Gates, they feature a smaller hinge to fit the top of the gate framework.  Our Premier Gate kit is ideal for use with low-level fencing.

Take a look at our handy table to see which Gate Fixings work with each of our Gates


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