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Whether you view your garden as a peaceful place or a private space, the Decibel Noise Reduction Fence Panel will help reduce unwanted sounds making it feel calmer all around.  In fact, this award-winning innovation from Forest can reduce the noise level down from average road traffic or a typical petrol lawnmower enough to be able to hold a normal conversation on the other side of the fence.

Noise Reducing Fence Diffusion DiagramNoise Reducing Fence Reflection DiagramNoise Reducing Fence Absorption Diagram

The panel combines noise reduction performance with great looks. Thick (17mm) interlocking Tongue & Groove boards are smooth-planed and mounted in a 45mm thick rebated frame to ensure there are no gaps for the noise to pass through.

Noise Reducing Fence Rating

The boards on The Decibel Noise Reduction Fence Panel feature a specially developed triangulated profile. This creates multiple angles over the face of the board which scatter noise waves, reducing their intensity. The Decibel Noise Reduction Panel will look great in any garden and is perfect for houses with close neighbours or for gardens near busy roads.

Noise Reduction Fence Rating

Watch out Noise Reduction Fencing video for more information.


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