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Smart garden storage solutions: Keeping your outdoor space neat and organised.

4th June 2024

Are you preparing your garden for the cooler months and contemplating the challenge of finding the ideal storage solution for all your outdoor essentials? Fabulous gardens require significant amounts of gardening kit, from furniture to tools, lawnmowers to toys, but where do you put it all when it’s not in use?

Taking care of your garden tools and outdoor furniture to ensure they last is essential, but any old shed is not the right solution. Choose the wrong storage and you risk rusty tools, dampness, and even wasted, unused space.

Having made sheds and other garden structures for over 50 years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about garden storage and so this blog is all about inspiring you with smart garden storage solutions, regardless of the size of garden you have to work with.

Smart storage solutions will help you maintain an organised outdoor space. Everything will have its place, and that’s the key to convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the frustration of digging through clutter to find what you need. Yes, we’ve all done it and know just how annoying it is to have to move 10 things out of the way just to get to the lawn mower, which you thought you wouldn’t need again until Spring.

Read on for clever garden storage ideas to keep your outdoor space looking good and feeling organised throughout the changing seasons.

Assessing your garden storage needs

A good place to start with garden storage is to map out the items requiring a home for the season. You could write an inventory list of all the garden equipment that you would ideally like to store away. Consider which items have top storage priority and which could be left outside or already have an appropriate space.

Also consider the different storage requirements across the seasons, like logs for log burners in Winter and easy-to-access parasols and outdoor cushions or garden toys in Summer.

Then consider the space you have and the overall aesthetic of your garden. Your choice of storage solution will need to befit your garden design. Traditional, modern contemporary or cottage garden? If you are aiming for a particular look, your storage needs to blend effortlessly with the character of your garden.

In terms of size and space, consider the amount of kit that you need to store and the amount of space you have available. You won’t want to overcrowd your garden with too large a storage solution so you will need to prioritise.

Let’s go deeper into storage solutions for all your garden essentials.

Log stores

There’s no better place for us to begin, than with the challenge of where to store your logs. You don’t want wet and unseasoned logs to dampen your cosy moments by the fire.

Did you know that if you intend to light your wood burner every evening through the cooler months (Oct-Apr), you’ll need around 3-4 cubic metres of wood.  That’s a lot of wood to store somewhere. It may be stacked in your garage, cluttering up your shed, or maybe it’s outside under an untidy tarpaulin.

We designed a range of 6 garden log stores to keep your logs sheltered, aired, and off the ground, ensuring they stay well-ventilated and ready for action. Each one is designed for convenience and maximum airflow circulation and will ensure your wood is safely stored for Winter. We have log stores for corner locations, a choice of pent (single-sloping) or apex (traditional pointy) roofs, and one design even comes with an extra storage compartment ideal for coal, kindling or tools.

We also have a range of different-sized sheds that incorporate a lean to suitable for log storage or wheelbarrows.

Storing bikes

We’ve all visited a house where there’s a bike or two in the corner of the living room or office or one where bikes are left out to go rusty in the rain. So, what about considering a dedicated store for your bikes?  We designed the pressure-treated Shiplap Large Outdoor Store exactly for this purpose. Sized at 81 × 198 × 152 cm, it’s perfect for use as a bike store with enough space to store two adult and two children’s bikes and associated accessories.

Small space garden storage ideal for tools

If your garden is smaller, the ideal solution is to go tall and thin with your storage, that way you will take up the smallest possible footprint. Our range of tall garden stores has been designed exactly with this in mind. With a roof height of just under six feet, they are thoughtfully designed for keeping long-handled gardening tools, but also children’s toys or folding furniture. Choose from 4 different versions depending on your budget and storage needs. The shiplap design provides a tighter weather-beating seal.

🌱Apex Tall Garden Store – Pressure Treated

🌱Pent Tall Garden Store – Pressure Treated

🌱Shiplap Apex Tall Garden Store – Pressure Treated

🌱Shiplap Pent Tall Garden Store – Pressure Treated

Tool sheds

Maybe it’s more of a sheltered spot to store your garden tools that you are looking for and a tool shed would therefore be the ideal solution. Our designs and configurations start from something as small as the 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated 4×3 Apex Shed, it’s compact, attractively designed and maintenance-free.

Lawnmower storage

Larger garden equipment such as lawnmowers can be stored in low-rise storage such as the pressure-treated Pent Large Outdoor Store. Double doors and a generous 2000 litre capacity mean this is an unrivalled solution for easy access to larger equipment.

Storing pots, planters and gardening delights

The Potting Shed is a gardener’s dream, creating a dedicated space for nurturing seedlings and potting on, and channeling your inner Monty. It also works as a wonderful storage solution for all your planting needs through the seasons. From seed trays to pots of various sizes, tools and bags of compost, everything finds its place effortlessly.

Supplied with two sets of two-tier modular plant staging, the Potting Shed offers plenty of options for both workspace and storage.  It’s also crafted with robust, interlocking, weather-resistant pressure-treated shiplap cladding, guaranteeing a secure seal against the elements.

The weather-beating storage solution

In 2023 we launched the ultimate garden storage solution with our range of Beckwood Sheds. Marketed with ‘weather-beating performance’ these sheds are the real deal when you want to store more than just a spade.

The pressure-treated timber with interlocking cladding provides a watertight seal to protect all your belongings. With robust and long-lasting construction, a 25-year anti-rot guarantee and no need to ever treat the timber, you’ll be able to rest easy in knowing that what you store will be perfectly safe in all weathers.

Which storage solution will you choose?

Creating an organised and efficient outdoor storage solution is not just a seasonal necessity; it’s an investment in the longevity and enjoyment of your garden and living space. From log stores to tool sheds, lawnmower storage, and the gardeners’ potting shed, our smart storage solutions cater to every aspect of your gardening needs.

Whether you have a sprawling garden or a compact space, our diverse range of storage options is designed to provide practical solutions for year-round convenience. Explore our storage possibilities, declutter your space, and transform your garden into a haven of order and beauty.