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There are over three million people who have started gardening for the first time during the lockdowns and at least 38% of them are growing their own food. Inspired by this growth and the fact that the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation has designated 2021 as The Year of Fruit and Vegetables. Forest Garden have challenged two families as to who can grow the best veg in their gardens with our products.

Jenny Davis and Dr Suzie Jewels are two working mums who live at opposite ends of a small Worcestershire village near Kidderminster. They believe that the challenge will provide some unique benefits to their children, particularly during lockdown. Jenny has two boys and Suzie three girls. In addition to encouraging them to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, they also hope that involving their children in growing the produce with their mothers will give them added emotional support and an outside interest whilst learning about nature and basic horticulture. Boys v girls will provide a further fresh dimension after lockdown and they will all have the benefit of tasting the fruits of their labour.

With identical Forest Garden Tall Wall Victorian Greenhouses and new Forest planters. Both will use Melcourt peat free growing compost , seeds from Mr Fothergills and seed trays and pots from Webbs.

Follow their journey in the links below.

Week 1

Building & Painting

Week 4

Building the Planters

Week 7

Dogs Love to Garden Too

Week 10

The size of your radish is everything!

Week 13

A sad day for cucamelons

Week 16

The size of your plot is everything

Week 19

Tomato Blight

Week 2

Planting Seeds

Week 5


Week 8

Searching for the Sun

Week 11

Cucamelons take the garden by storm

Week 14

Why grow your own when cucumbers are only 49p in Aldi?

Week 17

Growing courgettes with kids

Week 20

Green Beans 10 Ways

Week 3

Seeds are Sprouting

Week 6

Challenges Facing Parents

Week 9

Holiday plant care sabotage!

Week 12

Tale of the two courgettes

Week 15

Tips for growing tomatoes

Week 18

Its cucumber time!

Week 21

Grow Your Own For Life

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