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Transform your outdoor space with a garden pergola or arbour

16th May 2024

As the trend for alfresco living grows, pergolas and arbours are becoming garden must-haves, offering stylish shelter and a cool retreat from the summer sun. Have you considered the benefits of a pergola or arbour for your space?

These garden structures are all about making your outside space as comfortable and inviting as your living room but with the fresh air and greenery of your garden.

Read on to understand which structure is right for your garden and the options available to you.

What is the difference between a pergola and an arbour?

Pergolas are like open-air rooms in your garden. Open timber structures with upright posts supporting horizontal roof beams above. You can leave it open, grow plants up it to create dappled shade or cover it for full shade. Pergolas are perfect for framing patios and decking, giving your garden a ‘wow’ factor, and they can stand alone or be attached to your house.

Garden arbours are generally smaller than pergolas, usually chosen as an intimate decorative seating feature. They are designed to blend seamlessly with your garden, creating a cosy space for contemplation and a charming backdrop for climbing plants. Add an arbour as an attractive focal point in your garden and you’ll have an idyllic year-round sheltered retreat. Choose a garden arbour for a hidden spot or to create a relaxation nook to pause for reading, relaxing and watching the garden grow.

What’s the point of having a pergola? Pergolas offer privacy, structure throughout the seasons and are a natural canvas for climbing plants to thrive upon. They are brilliant garden features for creating an entertaining or dining space.

Style them with creative lanterns or twinkling solar lights and you have an intimate retreat perfect for unwinding or entertaining.

New pergola designs for 2024

Here at Forest Garden, we’ve tracked the rising popularity of structures for versatile outdoor living spaces and continued to expand our range. We now have an array of stylish arbours and versatile pergolas, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every outdoor space, from corner pergola options to the quaint charm of a traditional garden arbour.

New for 2024, the latest addition to our collection of pergolas is a show-stopping Premium Radial Pergola. With a modern design and strong lines, this impressive piece of garden architecture promises to be more than a garden centrepiece. Perfect as a corner pergola or more open areas, the elegant new pergola features horizontal rafters radiating outwards from one of the 4 sturdy uprights.

One single Premium Radial Pergola will transform a garden corner into an eye-catching shady space for relaxing and enjoying some al fresco dining. For clever design configurations, the unique 90-degree design also means you could create a semi-circle, a ¾ circle or even a full 360-degree circular pergola with additional pergolas, creating a truly dramatic feature in your garden.

Also new to the collection are two premium versions of the ever-popular Ultima Pergola. Now in robust heavier timber, these premium pergolas available in two sizes create a commanding garden statement.

Other pergola designs to choose from

Gardeners can also choose from a modular pergola with customisable slatted sides, a stylish dining pergola with laddered sides and roof panels for training climbing plants, and a slatted corner pergola for snug garden nooks.  The standard Ultima Pergola remains a steadfast and affordable choice for garden elegance.

Pergolas literally transform an average patio space into a sought-after outdoor living room that invites entertaining and relaxation. 

Tania @thepheasantgarden said “I wish I had added a pergola earlier in my garden journey. It’s made such a difference to the seating area. It’s now a cosy outdoor room and the roses climbing up the sides will make it smell amazing too.”

How to choose a garden arbour

If a cosy nook for relaxation is more your thing, we now have 6 different chic arbour designs to choose from. How do you choose which one?

Start with answering these questions:

  • How much space do you have to house a garden arbour?
  • Would a contemporary arbour work best with your style or something more classic?
  • Are you hoping for a corner arbour to fill an unused corner?
  • Or is your arbour to sit beside a fence, hedgerow or border.

If it’s a corner arbour you are looking for then opt for the Firenze Corner Arbour, a contemporary structure with modern straight lines, slatted sides and roof panels. It comfortably seats 4 people and is one of the largest in the range. For a more classic and traditional corner arbour, the Venetian is the must-have hideaway for your garden. It again seats 4 people and like the Firenze doubles up as an entertaining space and relaxing haven.

For a affordable option, choose the Palma Arbour. It offers incredible value for a single garden seat covered with a slatted archway. It’s perfect for nestling under a tree or for growing climbers up.

Then there are the more classic Parisienne, Lyon and Cadiz arbours, all with a comfortable double bench seat, slatted or lattice sides and slatted or solid roof for protection against Summer showers.

Transforming your patio into a stylish outdoor room is easy with our pergolas and arbours. They add a touch of magic to your garden, making it the best spot to hang out and create memories.

Ready to makeover your garden with a stylish retreat? Learn more about our arbours and pergolas and how they can change your outdoor space.

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