Forest Garden
Turning a Log Cabin into a Home Gym

2nd May 2019

Here is how our customer Pete transformed his Log Cabin into a “Pain Cave”.

After deciding we should move all of our exercise equipment into one place and create our own home gym, we set about researching and decided on the Forest Garden Chiltern log cabin as the ideal option. We liked the fact that everything was included, floor, roofing material etc. and it was also double glazed which added to its year round usability. We had also decided upon the location in the garden, which is on a fair bit of a slope but no problem, since we laid a concrete base to provide a level and solid foundation.

From the moment we ordered the cabin, through delivery and even after, it was a great experience dealing with Forest Garden. They contacted us to arrange the delivery and were flexible with dates to fit in with our plans, then on the day our driver was extremely helpful ensuring it was placed exactly where we wanted, making it as easy as possible to unpack without restricting access to the base where we intended to build. Ahead of the delivery we received a welcome pack with recommendations and build instructions, which I would certainly suggest reading through prior to starting the build.

When it came to the build, some stages were easier with 2 of us, although potentially you could build this on your own (luckily I didn’t have to). We unpacked as we built and again this was in some cases a 2 person job, but very simple and with everything packed in reverse, it meant all the items you need first are on top and you work your way through to the final sections at the bottom. Everything was numbered which meant the initial construction was pretty rapid and the main structure was up in no time, and having the level base certainly made it a lot easier.

When it came to treatments, again we did our research and looked at all the recommendations from Forest Garden in the welcome pack we received ahead of the delivery. This gave us plenty of chance to decide and we chose to treat with the Sikkens Cetol HLS plus as a base coat (teak in our case), two on the outside and one inside. In addition we also added a coat of Sikkens Cetol Filter UV protection (teak again) to the outside, which should now protect our cabin for the next 5+ years all being well. I would certainly recommend this treatment based on the application and finish, it certainly gives a quality look and feel. Adding the roof shingles finished off the build and the cabin looks fantastic, in addition to the provided tongue and groove flooring, we laid a laminate floor with a moisture protective foam underlay on top to complete the inside. As we were putting gym equipment inside, we also laid some rubber matting which helps absorb the vibration, noise and protect the flooring too.

This has been a really enjoyable project with the whole family getting involved, my Son and I for the build and my Wife doing pretty much all the painting and will be more than happy if she never sees another paintbrush for a very long time! We took our time and spent a number of weekends over an 8 week period or so, mainly to make sure we did everything correctly and to our requirements, and are extremely pleased and have a great sense of achievement with the end result. So now my Triathlon training has become a whole lot more comfortable (as much as training can be!) and my Wife and Son regularly use it also for their general fitness. If you’re interested, you can follow my Triathlon progress on Instagram @triathlete_pete