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Cucamelons take the garden by storm

We’ve mentioned that our intrepid gardeners are growing cucamelons to varying degrees of success but a few people have asked what are they and, to be honest, we had to look them up ourselves… Known in Mexico as Sandiitas de Raton, which literally translates to “Little Mouse Watermelons”, Cucamelons produce masses of fruit throughout the summer and are said to taste like cucumber and lime. Pests apparently ignore them and they’re supposed to be drought tolerant so perfect for first‐timers and inexperienced gardeners alike. Well Jen seems to be having the best luck with these little cuties saying that lots of little cucamelons are popping up all over her plants. Looks like they’re going to have a bumper supply for summer salads and G &T’s in the garden this year.

The pea crop in Suzie’s garden that were grown in a Kitchen Garden Planter are showing no sign of slowing down but Jen’s, which were grown in a pot have now finished after only growing seven peas. More have been planted but sadly it might now be too late for this year. Peas obviously thrive in space so it’s a definite lesson learnt for the future.

Well, it’s safe to say that both of our growers are enjoying the Grow Off experience so much that they’ve already started growing winter crops. Winter spinach has been sown, chives are in the greenhouse and pumpkin seeds are on the go ready for Halloween. It looks like there is no stopping them.

Jen and Suzie x




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Pepper & Chilli Seeds

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