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A Tale of Two Courgettes

Many of you will remember the film The Little Shop of Horrors, well Jen has recently renamed her courgettes The Audreys for their insatiable appetites and their enormity – “they’ve literally taken over the garden” she said. Seven courgettes are happily growing on just one of the plants but there was huge concern recently when one of The Audreys started to drop flowers. “We were worried because we had one really bountiful plant and one that just didn’t seem to be producing any fruit at all,” said Jen. It was then after some research that Jen realised that she had a mix of male and female plants. The male produces flowers and generally looks pretty for the bees and other insects whilst the female brings life to the courgettes. It was something very new to these first‐time veggie growers – who knew that the male and female species could be so different…

The family have since renamed the male plant Alan.

Consistency has not been something that these two gardeners have shared much of so far but the strawberry plants have definitely bucked the trend with Suzie’s plants blushing into edibility just two days before Jen’s.

It’s fair to say that our intrepid gardeners are flourishing and growing in knowledge day in day out. One of the things that has been really evident though is that you can’t always believe what you read and experience really is key. Jen planted Maskotka tomatoes in hanging baskets having been led to believe by the packet that this was their ideal situation and that they would gently cascade over the edge providing a decent crop of delicious toms. Well, the reality is that these plant look more like an ungainly mass of stems and not the waterfall as described. Needless to say, she’s not expecting any fruit from these unsightly monsters any time soon.

In other tomato news, there are flowers on both of our Grow off gardeners’ plants now although Suzie gets a red card as she has admitted that her flowering plants were actually given to her by her nan – oops!

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