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Why grow your own when cucumbers are only 49p in Aldi?

This a question that Jen’s mother‐in‐law posed this week and, to be honest, it’s a question that Jen has been asking herself more and more: “I see pictures of friends on social media and they all seem to be growing loads of fruit and veg, almost too much to know what to do with. Then I look at what I’m getting off the plants that I’ve nurtured and tended to so carefully and it’s pitiful,” she said.

That said, would Jen change anything? “No, I don’t think so. I’ve learnt so much over the course of this last year. I look at where I’ve come from not knowing anything about plants to being able to say that I grew that and now it’s on the dinner table being eaten by my whole family. I will do things differently, but this has definitely given me the growing bug – I’ve already planted broad beans and spinach ready for the Autumn,” she concluded.

Talking cucumbers… there are two baby cucumbers starting to form on Jens plants – much to her kids delight. “Who knew they were going to look like spiky little caterpillars – they’re so cute!” Jen admits that she didn’t know that cucumbers had prickles – another of the wonderous joys of this journey and she confesses that had she not grown then, she’d never have known.

Although not strictly Grow Off, the beans that Jen’s boys planted at Gardener’s World Live are starting to flower. It’s a mystery to what they are but fingers crossed they’ll have more than three beans on them this time – lol!

See you all next week.

Jen and Suzie x




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