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Growing courgettes with kids

Jens courgettes have done really well. “The kids loved planting the chunky and easy to handle seeds and the flowers have been gorgeous,” said Jen. She hails them as the best starter plant for kids but with one small problem – “they taste so… BLEURGH!” Sadly, the family voted with their stomachs and this summer staple is now off the menu for this family. The plants have been turned out of the Deep Root Planter to make room for carrots and spinach.

Sadly, the cabbages have been pulled up this week too due to a cabbage white caterpillar infestation – it’s completely decimated the patch. Jen read too late that a net was needed to protect the cabbages. It’s one of the challenges of organic gardening. On the plus side, apparently during August/Sept the butterfly doesn’t lay eggs so she might bear that in mind for next year.

See you all next week.

Jen and Suzie x




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