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It’s Cucumber Time!

No longer the small vegetable on the block the cucumber plants in Jen’s walled garden have come of age and are HUMONGOUS! “The plants have literally quadrupled in size in a week,” she said. They are growing around 4cm each day according to our first‐time gardener, but we think we are going to need slow‐motion evidence on this one.

The growing shoots from each plant have now been removed so that the plants can concentrate on putting their effort into the gherkin‐sized mini cucumbers that have started to develop “otherwise,” Jenny adds, “we’ll be harvesting them until Christmas time.”

Suzie has just had a well‐earned break from her job as a GP – we are so in awe of her and the job she has done to support the community over the last 18 months – bravo! Before she left, she came up with the ingenious idea to put her potted tomato plants in the water‐filled paddling pool. A simple yet effective idea which ensured that Jen couldn’t possibly overwater the plants that were left in her care this time. According to our pair, holidays have seriously gone up a stress level – lol!

In other gardening news, Suzie now has a corn maze. Well, we say maze but it’s a large patch of corn that has gone bonkers. She planted the corn plants outside of the Grow Off challenge and at 8ft tall with at least two corn ears on each plant, they’re impressive – We cannot wait for harvest time.

See you all next week.

Jen and Suzie x




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