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Time to Start Planting!!

The children were beyond excited about finally getting to plant the seeds. We were trying not to take over and control the planting, it was so hard with their keen little fingers to stop a handful of seeds getting shoved in rather than a couple. We got them to read the packets carefully and take responsibility for what needed to be planted. Suzie let the kids write their own seed labels, but Jen took neat control of hers. The Fothergills seeds were so easy to use, the instructions were very clear and simple to follow. There’s more information on their website too and some great videos that the kids loved watching. We used seed trays with propagator lids from Webbs and it all felt so professional rather than just a load of old pots. Even though we’ve not seen a seed pop through yet, we were so proud to get them all planted up.

Top Tips to get the kids involved with planting seeds

  • Set everything out before you start
  • Use spoons to fill the pots rather than a large trowel
  • Use a seed plunger (or as the boys did, just their finger)
  • Get the holes ready before you open the seeds
  • Let the kids take responsibility for reading the instructions and opening the seed packets
  • Let the kids compare the seeds, ours were fascinated by the different shapes and sizes
  • Label the seeds as you plant them
  • Use a water spray for watering the seeds, it stops the seeds from drowning and of course the kids love playing with it! We called it a gentle mist of rain.
  • Get a greenhouse thermometer and let the kids check and log the temperature each day. The ideal temperature for growing seeds is a temperature of around 18ºC (64°F), unless seed packet states otherwise

– Jenny & Suzie




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