Forest Garden

The seeds are sprouting!!

There’s not been a day, or even an hour actually where our kids have not checked the seed trays. They’ve been religiously spraying their water sprays and making sure the greenhouse is to temperature. We were worried a couple of nights as it was forecast frost first thing, so we bought them in and put them on the windowsill for a couple of days. Finally after 6 longs days, Jen saw teeny Pak Choi and tomato seedlings popping through and Susie saw a tiny pea shoot. To say we were excited was an understatement. The row trays with lids that we got from Webbs Garden centre are perfect for keeping the seeds warm and the kids love shaking the condensation droplets back off the lids into the trays for added watering. We’ve now put the trays back into the greenhouse as the weather’s been a bit warmer.

– Jenny & Suzie




Pak Choi





Pepper & Chilli Seeds

The Greenhouses are the Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse