Forest Garden

Building the Planters

This week we started to build our planters. Jen, cautious as ever got husband Carl to do the building as both her kids and her are clumsy clots, but Suzie got her kids building away using electric screwdrivers pre drilling hoes and getting them put together. The planters were really easy to put together, we just need to decide a) where to put them (they are a lot bigger than we were expecting) and b) what colour to paint them. The seeds have really starting shooting up, especially the peas, rocket, cabbage and pak choi. We are starting to reailse that the kids may have popped more seeds into the trays than were told too, some sections have up to 10 seedlings!!! There’s still lots that are showing no sign yet though like chilles, peppers, squash and cucamelons.

– Jenny & Suzie




Pak Choi





Pepper & Chilli Seeds

Grow Bag Tray Container – 1m