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Why sunflowers are the easiest plants for kids to grow

In formula 1 stakes, the sunflower plants in Jen’s garden are in pole position in the Grow Off challenge. Why, may you ask? Well, they are simply off the grid compared to the other plants in the Victorian Greenhouse. They were sown on the same day as everything else and have had the same light, heat and water, but we guess you could say, they’re just undeniably the Schumacher of the plant world – untouchable in every way.

Second off the grid are the peas ‐ they are looking stronger and more like mini‐plants every day. Joining them are the courgettes and the tomatoes ‐ having finally tiptoed out into the limelight recently. The Pak Choi isn’t doing that well sadly ‐ they’re just too gangly and leggy and we think there may well be a Steward’s Enquiry on those… As for the herbs and squash, they’re finally stretching their little leaves out of the soil and taking a peek into the wider world, ready to join the race. As for the cucamelons, peppers, chillies and cucumbers – well, they’re still a no show sadly. Hopefully, there will be more to say about them next week. Perhaps they need more song therapy to spur them into life. What do you think? We are the champions perhaps…?

Jen’s really pleased with how much the kids are enjoying the Grow Off challenge although she’s glad that we had the ever so speedy sunflower seeds in the greenhouses otherwise there is a chance that they may have lost interest fairly quickly. Perhaps that’s the key to gardening with kids, germination before boredom. Watching the seeds pop out attached to a starter leaf has been a firm favourite with them but, they’ve taken to pulling these little leaves off, which, we’ve since read, you’re not supposed to do – oops!

See you next week for more green‐fingered antics race goers!

– Love Jen and Suzie x




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