Forest Garden

The challenges facing parents

This week the Forest planters (Link to product) were built and positioned in the sunniest spot in the garden and now look like the car seats that every expectant parent arrives at the hospital with – empty but with a precious and very small cargo about to be carefully loaded in for the first time.

Both Jen and Suzie are proud to say that the mini cucamelons and cucumbers have finally arrived into the world and they’re doing well. Suzie has bought the slow starters into the house. It’s been so cold at night that the fear is the Mediterranean veg – peppers, chillies etc might be struggling a little so she’s hoping that a little heat will perk them up a bit.

Chatting to the seeds seems to have worked in Jen’s house as some of them (tomato, peas, cucumber, courgettes, pak choi and cabbage) have seen a growth spurt and, as a result, they’ve been pricked out and planted in bigger decomposable pots. But Jen found herself in plant hell. Having booked a few days away with the boys she realised that she was going to have to find a plant sitter. Mom to the rescue ‐ the plants were transported to their conservatory holiday home and, like every anxious new plant parent, Jen checked in on them regularly to make sure that they got the love and attention that they needed.

Watching the mini plants develop in their individual pots this week has been something that all of the kids have really enjoyed. What they haven’t enjoyed though, has been the ‘survival of the fittest’ element ‐ separating the healthy from the not so healthy plants. Whether they have done the right thing or not, they confessed to pricking out and potting seedlings that, whilst looking weaker, still seemed to them to be healthy enough. You can’t blame them; they hate to see waste and this just seems wrong to them. Let’s see what happens – we’re rooting for you little ones.

– Love Jen and Suzie x




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