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Dogs Love to Garden Too

You’ll be pleased to know that the seedlings survived at Jen’s Moms house. Jen puts it down to all the calls she made to them while she was away so that they didn’t get lonely. We hear that talking to your plants is good for them but calling them whilst on holiday – well that’s another thing entirely.

Now that they are safely back in the Victorian greenhouse, the seedlings are doing well but, Jen is worried that they’re not getting enough sun. Whilst the sun is on there in the morning, by 12 it’s gone and with these cooler spring days, there isn’t a lot of chance for the plants to get the light and warmth that they need. The dilemma is – should she move the greenhouse, or should it stay where it is?

Sadly, this week, we have to report our first Grow Off casualties. Jen said farewell to her oregano and Suzie’s pak choi and cabbage went leggy, bolted and died despite a stay in conservatory ICU. It was sad times for the competing pair but, in true style, our challengers decided to share their remaining seedlings so that they could grow to the finish line together.

Suzie and the girls discovered that Mabel the very enthusiastic Labrador puppy is a huge fan of gardening too. She assisted them when they pricked out the herbs and generally became very ‘helpful’ in the greenhouse.

Another helpful discovery was when Jen found out that her local garden centre, Cherry Lane, has a pot recycling box so that you can grab used pots for free which is great on the pocket and for the environment too. It seems that it’s not just our Grow Off pair that support each other when gardening, it really is a community effort.

That’s all for now!

Jen and Suzie x




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Pepper & Chilli Seeds

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