Forest Garden

Searching for the Sun

Finding the perfect spot that has just the right amount of sun v shade can sometimes be challenging even for the most experienced of gardeners but for our intrepid first timers, it has been a real minefield.

After moving her greenhouse, Jen’s garden is starting to look and feel like a proper courtyard garden. It’s now directly under a beech hedge which isn’t ideal due to leaf drop but additional window cleaning is a small price to pay for luscious veg.

The beauty of a small greenhouse like the Victorian Tall Wall is that it doesn’t need heating and the light that it does get does the trick perfectly ‐ as they say, all the best things really do come in small packages.

Suzie moved one of her planters to her drive to allow for better light and it seems to be happier although, perhaps that also has something to do with the persistent cat fertilisation… Hmm time for nets to protect the flourishing radish and beetroot population she thinks.

Sadly, the official plant graveyard continues to grow and is now filled with the straggly remains of tomatoes, oregano and peas. Isn’t it mad to think that plants can just fall over dead whilst their identically grown twins grow and thrive in a garden just meters away – bonkers!

Jen and Suzie x




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Pepper & Chilli Seeds

Grow Bag Tray Container – 1m