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Holiday plant care sabotage!

Holiday time for any plant grower is a nervous time. Will the plants be alive on return – that is the question. Jen and Suzie both offered to water each other’s whilst they had a few days away and promised that no intentional sabotage would take place however, unintentional sabotage is a different matter…

With it being rather hot, Jen’s husband Carl decided to rig up a watering system for the plants dotted around the garden leaving Suz the task of just keeping the greenhouse plants watered and happy. A great idea however, there were two problems:

1. The watering system was set a little too high and the plants had their official first swimming lesson

2. Nobody told Suzie about the watering system, so she also watered ALL of the plants

Thankfully no plants were actually drowned during this time, but we can safely say they were a little overwatered. Time will tell if this has any lasting effects on the plants.

Jen and Suzie x




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